★Where can you buy JiaoTangFeng?

1.You can buy it in any JiaoTangFeng store.

2. Order the meal first than take it away from our store.

You can add JiaoTangFeng’s LINE@ first, order the meal and let us know when you will pick up the meal. After that please make a phone call to confirm whether we have received the order.

3.Order from Delivery App

We currently have cooperation with ubereats and you can check the delivery range and charging in Ubereats system.

★May I have it in store?

All four stores provide take-away mainly.

★What payment do you have?

We only provide cash payment; credit card is not provided.

★Why does it take some time?

All meal is all made in fresh, 100% non-fried so that it will take you some time. We will be recommended you make a reservation in advance.

★What are the ingredients of HanFang? Can it be provided for pregnant women or children?

JiaoTangFeng’s HangFang powder is a natural powder with Chinese herbs which contains Spiced, Licorice, Star anise, herbs, satay sauce, Katsuobushi, and trace amounts of peanuts, sesame and peeled. It does not include ginseng, cinnamon and barley kernels. So, it is recommended for pregnant women! Parents are advised to refer to the above ingredient descriptions to assess the suitability of their children.

★Other feedback

We value all feedback. If you have any questions you want to reflect, you can contact us directly on the FB fans page or official website. We will respond to your information as soon as possible.

★How bloggers can cooperate with us?

We welcome bloggers to experience and share our meals. Please provide your blog, fan group and IG account through the contact channel of FB fan group or official website. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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